Friday, November 27, 2009


In the spirit of being a modern woman (as well as being a really cool chick!), my wife, after receiving her engagement ring, decided to buy me a nice present to celebrate as well.  Enter the Samsung LED HDTV; a 52 inch picture that will absolutely blow your mind when you see it.

This television utilizes LED backlighting much like the ipod Touch 3G and similar to the lights used on pre lit LED Christmas trees.  My wife knows how to pick 'em (not me, the tv), as evidenced by the shockingly realistic picture this unit puts out.  We're big movie buffs and have a really nice surround sound and with this television it's downright sad to see the picture and hear the sound in movie theaters.  If I could stream brand new movies to my tv, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Everything looks good on this tv- from a show on HGTV to the Iron Man movie DVD.

It's nice to look at too- very sleek and modern looking, with a thickness of only 1.2 inches.  One of the best things is our energy bill has gone down a noticeable bit since using LED's in so many areas of our house.  My next mission: hook the internet up to the tv (it has a port on the back just for that) and surf on my couch on a 52 inch monitor!

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