Friday, November 27, 2009


I never knew that portable media could be so easy. I'm from the era of the original Sony Walkman and anyone that had one can tell you it was anything but convenient. Big and bulky, not to mention a little on the heavy side for an accessory you carry around a lot. I'd also tried some of the first smaller MP3 players to listen to notes when in college and those weren't very convenient either.

But this post is about the ipod touch 3G, so let's get on with the story! 3G refers to the third generation of the ipod Touch. The original ipod Touch was revolutionary in and of itself and paved the way for many look alikes (hey, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!). You can get an ipod Touch 3G in different configurations such as memory capacities of eight to thirty two gigabytes of storage space for music, movies, television shows (my wife uses hers whenever she has downtime to watch episodes of shows she likes) and a slew of other fun things.

What's really neat to me is you can tilt it to manipulate your character while playing games. This opens up all kinds of possibilities for applications from Apple as well as custom applications from private coders. My only complaint is that the screen shows a lot of fingerprints. But hey, what can you expect when it's call the ipod Touch? I'm happy to wipe the screen in the name of convenience and utility.

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