Friday, November 27, 2009

Christmas 2009- the LED Christmas tree story.

     My wife and I had kicked around the idea of getting a new Christmas tree for a while now.  She happens to have a rather severe allergy to natural Christmas trees and the one we had in the basement was somewhat worse for wear.  So off to Google we went to search for a new tree.

     We wound up settling on one from Sears that has a rotating base and a programmable box to do different light shows with the LED's.  I happen to have quite an affinity for Light Emitting Diodes and their implementation on a Christmas tree is only one of the newer and more ingenious uses for them. 

     The tree was very easy to set up- basically, it's in three pieces and you just put them together and plug the tree in.  You do have to fluff the branches out a bit as with just about any artificial tree, but the lights are already fitted to the tree and all you really need to do next is put ornaments on your new tree.  The quietness of the tree's motor (which is in the base of the tree and serves to rotate the tree) is amazing and the patterns, speed of lights as well as the speed of the tree's rotation all are customizable.

     I give this tree 5 out of 5 stars, as it was reasonably priced, was easy to set up and looks great.  Heck, we got the tree in mid-November and decided that it was almost time to put it up and we wanted to see it in action, so we put it up and left it up.  We will be putting it back in the box after the holiday within a reasonable time frame, however ;)

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