Friday, November 27, 2009

Black and Decker Power Scissors Rock!

I found a neat little item at Wal Mart not too long ago called the Black and Decker Power Scissors. They're inexpensive and make for outstanding stocking gifts. I bought several extra pair for family members.

If you've ever been annoyed with those "clamshell" plastic packages (the kind that envelops the product and is heat sealed), this tool is for you. The idea, obviously, is to act as a theft deterrant by making the package hard to open and then stuff the item in your pocket. How about those packages that have the plastic ziplock baggie style way of sealing them? I always cut too deep or not deep enough when I use my scissors. They just sort of go right through the packaging like a knife through butter.

I've used these for so many different things I can't possibly recall to blog here today. But some of the uses are mail, packaging, plants and cutting out corrugated cardboard for various automotive projects to be used as templates. Is this really something blog worthy? I think so, because they are inexpensive and come in sooo handy. If you don't believe me, buy a set- you won't be disappointed.

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