Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Powerbar Club Platinum Review

I really like the idea of working from home. If you don't know me well yet, I'm an unemployed teacher. I've taught the most challenging students for the last nine years. Becoming one of the over ten percent of the US population currently looking for work was a real eye opener for me. I'm always on the lookout for something I can either exploit financially or for something I can at least learn from; this post will be about a new toolbar I found online calledthe Powerbar. If you look below, you'll see an example of their sensationalistic promotional tactics- the first thing to get my spider-sense tingling.

Due to the intensity of working with such a challenging demographic and a lack of confidence in a system that couldn't hang onto a longtime teacher I've decided to make my own luck. I'm proud of my career, but I don't intend on going back to it, at least not right away. I have an entrepreneurial bent which has called me all my life. Now, much like the people in this article, I feel the pull of new opportunities.

I'm no stranger to web design, affiliate marketing and other virtual centered endeavors. I have no doubt that I can make money online because I have. It's never about being easy though. Few businesses can boast about being easy to set up and low maintenance. Making money on the web isn't any different. You have to work hard at it.

We'll see what the Powerbar brings me. I predict it will be either a significant amount of extra income or a complete flop, which I'd learn from (I'll report either way). I doubt there will be much in the way of shades of gray with this.

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