Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tenured teachers losing jobs!

What do you do when you lose you job? It sounds perverse. You go to college to earn a Bachelor's Degree. You then pay fee after fee to The State to become licensed. Then you enter a very competitive job market. Then you go back to school for an advanced degree to make you a more efficacious educator to be able to keep the job you worked so hard to get in the first place.

You work hard, do what everyone tells you you're supposed to do and then receive tenure. You think you've arrived, right? Wrong.

The economy finally lets go and funding suffers. Next thing you know, your school district sits down with you and tells you how sorry they are but they can no longer pay you.

What do you do next? I found myself asking this question not too long ago. Fortunately for me, I try to never rely on one source of income. I've had businesses and sold them at a profit, I invest wisely (Will Rogers always said "Invest in Real Estate- they're not making it anymore") and I'm a saver.

Unemployment doesn't last forever and I like putting money into my bank account, so I decided to expand on some of my online ventures and invest a few dollars in my own ideas as well. I'm actually writing a series of Lenses on which will focus on ways that someone with little to no knowledge of the internet can use to make a bit more income. I even focus on a method of making money online that is revolutionary in it's implementation and elegant in it's simplicity.

You may be wondering (if you're still reading, lol) what any of this has to do with teaching. Well, although anyone could technically pick my methods up and get good at them in time, I feel that the skills learned and encouraged in teacher preparation programs are a big help. I'm uniquely qualified to judge this notion, as I've done both successfully.

Thanks for reading and God Bless.

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