Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Programming Provider?

Today, we have cable, satellite and Fios among other televised entertainment providers. Many people use Satellite Direct, and Netflix to round out their entertainment without breaking the bank. But what are your options?

Let's start simple. That would be the old style antennas that plucked Jackie Gleason out of the air and introduced America to eating while watching television in their own homes. Then came cable, with "limited commercial interruption (unless you count self promotion, very true), which dominated from the late 70's to early 90's. Attempts in the 80's to utilize enormous satellite dishes eventually fell by the wayside.

Once question that comes up frequently is "Between Dish Network and DirecTV, what service is best?". As with any other arena of endeavor with regard to entertainment, the factors are varied and too many to reach one simple decision. Again, do your research, write down what is best for you as far as equipment (DVR's,etc.) and programming and make your best deal. Either way, you will be choosing a winning option.

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