Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Using Pheromones to Attract Men or Women

Snake oil? Not quite. Pheromones are powerful and subtle chemical compounds that human beings employ to several ends.

A man's pheromones send nonverbal communication to others about his virility and contribute to an aura of self confidence. The man's pheromones can tell other men to stay away and can tell women of his potential as a strong mate.

A woman's pheromones also provide nonverbal communication to others. It's been long believed that the phenomenon of cohabitating women having synchronized menstrual periods is due to pheromones. A woman's pheromones also nonverbally communicate to a potential mate that they are a good candidate and are available.

Anyway, nature didn't make a mistake when it provided pheromones. Insects use them to protect their nests from predators. Some mammals use them to trigger nursing in their young. And did you know that a pair of special organs together called Jacobson's organ is part of human physiology? Their purpose is to sense the pheromones of others. Powerful stuff. You really can use pheromones to attract men or women.


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