Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Preventive Computer Maintenance

I'm a stickler for preventive computer maintenance. Really that goes for all kinds of maintenance. I believe in proper servicing of my machines. If you expect them to perform optimally for you, well then you'd better think about taking some time to make sure they're in perfect order.

This definitely applies to computers- I routinely back up my data once a month. OK, maybe it's more like once every six to eight weeks, but the point is I make sure to take care of it. Losing data hurts. I once lost a very important and lengthy research paper due to a hard drive error. I don't blame the hard drive- I blame myself because I failed to act.

Anyway, you want to be sure to use an alternative browser for security (ie; not IE). Don't pay for a security suite either: AVG Free Edition is fully featured and effective as is Microsoft Security Essentials. Also download a good registry cleaner and defrag your hdd! Simple maintenance like this makes for a faster, more efficient computer.

And don't forget to reformat your hdd every six to twelve months, depending on usage.

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